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Expatacular was founded by Michael in November of 2007, after a year from when he moved from San Diego to Hong Kong / Dongguan, China to follow his love. Upon arrival, he found that the existing online network of expats to be somewhat lacking and the idea was born. There are many different local expat websites available but nothing that was global in nature. Expats tend to not stay in one place for very long and as they move about, new friendships are born, new experiences are had and they need a place to share.

The majority of our members are living in China but we really would love to have expats from everywhere join us to tell their stories. Remember the first time you moved to a foreign place? What it was like to find everything through exploration... Wouldn't it have been great to be able to find a resource where like minded people where helping one another?

So, feel free to join us. Share your stories and help one another.

Start by joining the groups for the cities you've lived in, are interested in, or know something about. If we don't have a group for the city you have in mind, you can create one.

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